Stars of Heaven Flower Essences

Flower Essences are completely safe for anyone to use – children, aged persons, new born babies, chronically ill patients, pregnant women, drug users and pets. There are no known negative side effects, nor can you overdose. They can be taken alongside existing medication (but please don’t replace existing medication without your physician’s approval).


The essences remove emotional and mental blockages that prevent our energy from flowing freely. They lighten us (and en-lighten us!).

Everything in our world is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Solid objects are merely energy that vibrates slowly. TV and radio waves are examples of energy that vibrates rapidly, so fast in fact that they can’t be seen. Nevertheless, we know they exist.

Flowers vibrate at even higher frequencies. It has been found that the high frequencies of certain flowers relate to specific emotions. The extremely high and pure vibrations of the Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and Planets are related to the specific areas of speciality that each is attuned to, and which they help to imbue in us. These vibrational frequencies of both flowers and the ‘Stars of Heaven’ can be ‘captured’ in water, and when taken orally they harmonise the disharmonious emotion or energy within us, rather like adding an alkaline solution to an acid soil to obtain a neutral PH level.


You may begin to feel the effect on your emotional or mental state immediately, or the Essence may act in a more subtle manner over a period. Often, the essences bring buried emotions or misguided attitudes to the fore and you may temporarily feel even more emotional than previously. This is known as a ‘healing crisis’ and helps you to confront and deal with your issues. In this case, keep taking the essences as they will eventually calm and harmonise your emotions, mental state and internal energies.

Sometimes it may appear as if nothing is working. Be assured the essences are working on the relevant emotions or mental attitudes in your subconscious. Often, it’s only when you reflect back on this period that you’re able to see the effects the essences had on you. Taking the essences as advised and focusing on key emotional and mental issues, most people notice a discernible difference within the first week.


Your Stars of Heaven Flower Essences are presented in 15ml bottles which are ready for use, carefully labelled and bubble-wrapped and sent via the post. The essences will last up to four years in average conditions and do not need refrigerating.

We recommend that you take no more than three different flower essences at the same time to enable you to better focus on the key emotions or issues you are targeting, and so that you aren’t confronted by too many issues to resolve at once.

Taking seven drops each morning and night, one bottle will keep you happy, quite literally, for about two weeks.

Our organisation provides a non-conditional guarantee for all products. We will replace any postal breakages and refund any goods not found in perfect condition and which are returned within 14 days.