Book – Meet The Masters

The Ascended Masters – who they are, what they do, and how to meet them


Many people are asking “Who are the Ascended Masters?”. With this new book by Ovidne (now Sophia Ovidne), you get to find out in a most personal way.

Ovidne asked the Masters, “Who are You?”, and channelled their replies. We get to know their varied personalities, what they stand for, and some of them describe their past lives. Ovidne also includes some of her own experiences and anecdotes about working with these Masters, so that you will feel you have shared these moments with them too.

This is all new material, not a rehash of the information that’s been around for years from The Theosophical Society, and Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Many of the Masters have moved on quite dramatically from those times.

Meet the Masters also includes a section on hints and tips from Ovidne and the Masters themselves for better meditations and channelling. Explanations about the different dimensions and Ascension itself are also included.

Come meet Masters such as Jesus, El Morya, Kuthumi, St. Germain, Maitreya, Mother Mary, Djwhal Khul, Quan Yin, Dominic, Lanto, Hilarion, Lady Venus, Serapis Bey, and Pallas Athena, and hear them speak from their hearts about their own spiritual journeys and what advice they have to give about your own.

Price: $29.95