Channelled from Master Chiron by Sophia Ovidne




Chiron is an ancient Ascended Master, a god who resides in the unseen higher dimensions, who has channelled to Sophia Ovidne his profound metaphysical wisdom about the universe and the future of mankind in these three books of the series, Training Manual for Gods.

In the Training Manual for Gods series, Master Chiron takes us on an amazing journey which is targeted at those who are already gods (or Masters) on Earth, plus those humans who are in the process of transforming into gods, and those who are merely curious about what it takes to become a god.

In Book One of Training Manual for Gods—Consciousness and the Unseen Universe, Chiron describes the hidden dimensions of this universe, including consciousness, the worlds of the gods and the superpowers that gods can attain, and introduces the metaphysical foundations of our universe and reality. He explains in detail the journey we humans need to undertake to become gods, and how this is the ultimate mission of everyone on Earth. Our journey is not just a physical odyssey but an emotional, mental, and spiritual one too. (more)

In Book Two of Training Manual for Gods—Arrival of the Gods, Chiron depicts what it will be like when humans are separated into two dimensions of First Earth and Second Earth, and how it will be to live on Second Earth as a human-turned-god, or as a divine god who has arrived on Second Earth from an even higher dimension. How will humans and divine gods interrelate? What will spark the Final Shift that causes our two Earths to split away from each other, and how can we prepare for this? What will happen to those left behind on the non-god First Earth? (more)

In Book Three of Training Manual for Gods— Ingenuity of the Gods, Chiron deals solely with the training and operational needs of the gods on Second Earth. He describes how the gods can develop their superpowers and help build the fledgling all-god society on this new higher- dimensional earthly world. He also guides us in how to manage the transition from old world to new, revealing some of the incidents that will lead to the final event which separates our two Earths completely. (more)

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Because Book One of Training Manual for Gods—Consciousness and the Unseen Universe contains much metaphysical knowledge that many people may find needs some extra explanation, Sophia has written a companion book, Guide to Consciousness and the Unseen Universe, to describe these concepts in further detail and with many analogies from her own experiences and teachings. Her guidebook covers only Book One of Training Manual for Gods. Books Two and Three by Chiron are more self-explanatory.



The Getting of Wisdom” (Book One)

by El Morya and Sophia Ovidne

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Sophia has channelled from Ascended Master El Morya, seventy discourses containing his enlightened wisdom, on topics as diverse as overcoming tiredness and overwhelm, to what Hell really is, to becoming an orchid heart. His poetic prose and warm humour touches the soul, provides new understanding, and uplifts the  heart, especially in times of dark thoughts and stuckness. El Morya shows us helpful ways to create a joyful, fulfilled, and loving life.


The Getting of Wisdom” (Book Two)

by El Morya and Sophia Ovidne

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In this follow-up to The Getting of Wisdom, Book One, Ascended Master El Morya once again enthralls us with 75 new discourses, channelled through Sophia Ovidne. This volume, packed with his enlightened wisdom, covers topics that are generally more metaphysical than in Book One, so expect to be a little surprised and delighted. El Morya’s words are preparing us for a new world and a new way of being.

Subjects range from understanding magic, the nature of the universe and other dimensions, to understanding the nature of our emotions and how blockages and resistance prevent us from manifesting our dreams and our ideal world.

El Morya has a mesmerising way with words, and his presence is powerfully felt as we ponder on his messages and how they apply to ourselves. His warm and fatherly humour touches our hearts, providing new understanding and support for our sometimes lonely journey. El Morya is always spot on in helping us move out of limiting old ways of thinking and being, and towards a more harmonious, fulfilling, and loving life.




“Lady Sedna’s Ascension Handbook” by Lady Sedna and Sophia Ovidne  

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The first ever book channelled by Lady Sedna, all about reaching Ascension and what is expected of you as an Ascended Master walking on Earth.

We are becoming a new species of human being. Our consciousness and the cells of our physical bodies are being transformed by light and love. We are beginning to experience living in a new dimension but here on Earth, right now. This transformation to a new way of being is known as ascension.

Lady Sedna is one of the most senior elders amongst the Ascended Masters, training and guiding apprentices along the Ascension Path until they are fully operational as a being of love, wisdom, and power, and utilising their Mastery for the benefit of this planet and her people.

In over one hundred messages she has channelled through Sophia Ovidne, Lady Sedna has brought together a kind of user manual for ascension. It contains the criteria for reaching ascension, and also for maintaining this position, for the challenges from our everyday world are always knocking at our door and threatening to unseat us from our thrones.

However, this is not an instruction manual with detailed steps for Enlightenment. Each pilgrim’s journey is too unique and customised for that. But in her messages, Lady Sedna finds a way to provide answers to everyone who searches for one. Her insight, compassion, understanding, and straightforwardness, make her an ideal mentor as we struggle to embrace and to figure out what is happening to us as we are transformed from base metal into gold. There are few people on Earth who yet have this knowledge and experience to be able to share it with us and assist us.

This Handbook is a gift from Heaven, a map when we are lost and confused, a balm when we are frustrated and hurting, and an inspiration when we are stuck in the lower levels and need reminding how to fly.



book-celestial-small“The Celestial Crossroads” is a spiritual adventure novel, a treasure trail across England involving an unusual dark stranger and a cryptic verse which seems to lead to the Holy Grail. (Published under Sophia Ovidne’s previous name, Paula Hartwood.) (more)

Price: $29.95


book-secret-smallThe novel “Secret in the Circle”  involves more cryptic clues in the form of a crossword, and another treasure trail, this time across the sacred sites of the world, to discover the mystery behind a crystal skull. (Published under Sophia Ovidne’s previous name, Paula Hartwood.) (more)

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book-AMT1-xbook-AMT2-x book-AMT3-xThe Ascended Masters Today, Volumes I – III series of books contain many of Sophia Ovidne’s channellings from the Masters during the period 2001 to 2004 on various subjects applicable to our society and our spiritual journeys today. (more)


Price: $19.95


Price: $19.95


Price: $19.95


book-MTM-xMeet the Masters is Sophia Ovidne’s introduction to some of the most well known Ascended Masters. Here she speaks of her own experiences with them and the journeys they have taken her on, and includes various channellings from the Masters that she believes best reflect their personalities. Also includes tips for meditation and channelling. (more)

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book-greatshift-xThe Great Shift is a description of mankind’s transition into the 5th Dimension, including 2012 prophecies, but focusing on events since 1987 such as the return of the Christ, the first “Day of Judgement”, the reincarnation of Ascended Masters as walk-ins, and what it will be like during and after the final Great Shift. (more)

(Sorry, out of print, but this has been superseded by THE TRAINING MANUAL FOR GODS series, published in 2023)