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1 day workshop  with  Sophia Ovidne

Saturday, 1 June 2019, Islander Resort, Noosaville, QLD, Australia

  • Are you listening to your soul? Is reception not clear?
  • Why can’t you hear them?
  • Is it me speaking, or my soul?
  • How do I connect or reconnect?
  • How do I increase strength or clarity of connection?
  • What kind of things does my soul want to say to me?
  • How do I know if I’ve heard correctly?
  • In what way does my soul speak with me? Am I missing a trick?

Discover how to really connect with your soul and hear what they are saying to you, and how they are trying to guide you.

This one day workshop will be beneficial to all levels of attendees, from beginners who have never yet heard their soul’s pearls of wisdom, to those who are more advanced but wish for more clarity and certainty in the messages they receive.

I’d especially love to see some teenagers and younger adults here, as it’s time we taught more of them how to work effectively with their souls for maximum direction and guidance to place them on their correct path. Parents – bring your kids!

The meeting room is surrounded by tropical pools, palm trees and flowers, and the resort is in the midst of the bustling cafes of Noosaville on the river. A fabulous, relaxed day of elevated vibrations and messages from spirit is guaranteed.

Early bird discount before 1 May, 2019: $99*
From 1 May: $120*.                 *Includes tea and coffee available all day.

To register, just send me an email to sophia@earthwithspirit.com
and I’ll be in touch with details. Places are limited , so book early!

Love and blessings,




“METAPHYSICAL MAGIC ”  5 day workshop

An invitation to 5 days in a tropical paradise on Earth,

bringing down Paradise from Heaven  

Monday, 27 Nov – Friday, 1 Dec, 2017

At The Islander Resort, Noosa, QLD, Australia    $995

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $888 if you register by Friday, Oct 20

I’ve been asked to put on this workshop by Ascended Master El Morya and I am very excited by it. He has requested that I not plan too much, because for the entire 5 days we will be guided by Masters, Creator Gods, Angels, and our own Higher Selves.

Guided to do what? To prepare ourselves and the planet for the next phase of bringing us all into the 5th Dimension.

This will truly be an adventure into the higher dimensions! Are you one of those who has been chosen to fulfil this role? You will know, if you find yourself resonating with this invitation.

I cannot guarantee what will transpire but I know it will be awesome. However, we will not be totally without some structure during the week, as I know we will cover some or all of the following topics since this is what the Masters have been training me in for the past couple of years so that I may teach it to others. Now is the time!

  • Finding your Soul and your Source
  • Understanding consciousness, the 5th Dimension, and our journey back to Source
  • What is Love really? How to become a Sphere of Love
  • Who we really are and where we come from
  • The Future – what it holds for us
  • How to become a god on Earth
  • What stops us from being gods on Earth?
  • Working down here on Earth as gods in human form
  • Healing ourselves, our world, and the planet
  • Individual and group channellings
  • Being a magician on Earth, a Master of Metaphysics

If you are excited by these concepts and wish to be part of this ground-breaking experiment where we will be guided moment to moment from the higher dimensions, then book now to secure your place in the team. Numbers are limited for this workshop.

Come along to the Islander Resort in Noosa, right in the heart of world-famous beaches and restaurants and a National Park for a fabulous tropical holiday while you learn and partake in this amazing evolutionary process.

Have yourself a pre-Christmas chaos retreat from the world and set yourself up for the new 3-Year Phase of Saturn in Capricorn which starts on Dec 20 and which will see the world focusing on hard work, career, strength, resilience, responsibility, success, and governance.

If you require accommodation at the resort (you can stay elsewhere if you prefer), you can enjoy a 20% discount for a 4-night stay in a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom self-catering villa.

2 people sharing a 2-bed villa will pay only $68 pp pn.

3 people sharing a 3-bed villa will pay only $55 pp pn.

If you’d like to share accommodation, please let Sophia know and she will try to get you together with another attendee.

Please book this accommodation directly with The Islander Resort at info@islandernoosa.com.au The Resort is very popular so book quickly to secure your villa at these prices.

Workshop cost is $995 for the full 5 days. A $200 deposit is payable to Sophia to secure a place. This deposit is refundable up until 26 October 2017.

Please contact Sophia directly to secure your workshop place and to pay your deposit. sophia@earthwithspirit.com

TESTIMONIALS from this workshop:

Thank you so much for your generosity this week. Everything about it was awesome. It felt so good to be with my tribe and speak from my heart and soul and not feel weird.

This was the best week I have ever had. Both the people around and the material you so generously shared made it such a magnificent experience. How blessed we are to be part of such a powerful Eight. Definitely the way I will live from now on.

Susan C, VIC


A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for the most Amazing, Magical week of my life!! The wealth of ‘METAPHYSICAL MAGIC’ teachings you and the Masters have given us has been transformational and I’m so very grateful to you and your commitment to bring this knowledge to us, and I’m so very grateful to all the beautiful friendships, in fact reconnections, we’ve made this week. What a powerful group we are! Feeling on top of the world; joy and love abounds. Thank you with all my heart and more! I hope you’re celebrating your success this weekend and feeling all the accolades and Love from me, our group and the whole Universe Many blessings to you, onwards and upwards.

Sonia, Brisbane


The Metaphysical Magic 5 Day Workshop run by Sophia Ovidne exceeded my expectation. During the workshop we built a greater connection with our own inner self or higher self in the fifth dimension.  Once connected internally we were then able to have a great connection with each other, our guides, angels and master guides for the planet. This gave me a great hope for a loving solution to the present imbalances at a “logical mind level” on the planet. The process encouraged us to grow in transformation and transmutation through a meditative connection with our Eternal Source.  Many thanks with love and divine light.

 Robert Vicary, Brisbane


I still feel on a high after our time together and it was a joy to meet you all. For me the course felt like a culmination of all that I had read over the years just settling and coming to roost aided by Sophia’s magic, so cock-a-doodle doo!!

Sophia’s teachings resonate deeply. I felt a real sense of understanding, acceptance and trust which I know will be a great catalyst for my journey ahead.

It’s even better to know I have some new brothers and sisters to share the journey with. ( well, new in this lifetime perhaps?) What a ride we will have!!!

Thanks for all your shared learnings. Lots of love and bountiful pings.

Collette T, Cheltenham, UK

We called this a conference, but we should have called it a reunion and reactivation of our collective contracts together. We started our week long retreat with a conversation about how we got to Noosa (where the conference was held). Well, what a question in itself. So seemingly simple… How long had I actually been travelling to Noosa for? Surely too long to actually know. I answered 12 years, but in reality it’s been lifetimes.  Now it has been two weeks since the conference, but I feel like it has been a whole lifetime since. I will never be the same.

The first time the concept of having Gods and Ascended Masters on Earth was raised, I suspected there were high beings who came and that in no way would I be included in that pool. With the repetition of such concepts that could include us 7 in the mix, there were deep stirrings of knowing and of understanding. It took my ego 5 days to hear it, and several channellings from my own self to confirm it, and yet still another two weeks for her to continue to relay the message.

After reading six of Sophia’s books, and feeling both a sense of curiosity and excitement and also knowing that I had nothing to lose (except my sanity and potentially my freedom when they lock me up) I decided to again surrender further, this time even more fully to the universe’s plan for me. I wrote a declaration to the Ascended Masters, the Angels, and the Akashic Masters and my Higher Self that I was ready and willing to start my training, and was willing to succumb to the training schedule whatever the hours and conditions. I wrote I was motivated, dedicated, committed, passionate and willing to learn and to assume my path towards ascension and masterhood.

WOW – they don’t take much time to sit around and think about whether someone who wants to step on the path of their destiny should start next Monday or not – you start straight away!  I have been working – and I mean hard, sweaty, and yet satisfying work – overnight after my night school. I don’t remember much about my night school except that the energy profile of my teacher is very similar to one of the beings in the room with us during the conference, but I am higher in vibration since meeting this group of 8 and doing my night school every night.

And so after I made my declaration of unequivocal commitment to my God training, the stakes have been raised and I have been put through the ringer. I have been helping the higher selves of those in my orbits, and somehow or another, they genuinely feel it.  My client sessions have by-passed the ego self presented in front of me and all my work is done in the Akashic Realm and the Multidimensions. All my own impurity has been rising to the surface and clearing after clearing after clearing is happening at night and throughout the day in a faster and easier way. Time has a new meaning. The last year of my life, since I surrendered fully to being in tune with my spiritual, intuitive self has been both the fastest and yet the longest year of my life. I have learnt so much about so much this year, and yet my time with Sophia and her band of Gods during the week we were together has again shifted me and my thinking/feeling/knowing to a new level. Yes I still have a ways to go, but at least I see the road ahead now, and the direction is clear.  I do keep dropping but I am quicker and better at getting back up, and dropping a shorter and shorter distance if I do.

Not one for astrology before, the knowledge of the astrological archetypes and how my natal chart interacts with my soul contract, my life purpose and life lessons, my health and wellbeing and other aspects of living which are highly fascinating and an interesting addition to my knowledge about myself. Thank you Sophia and I look forward to telling you more about the relationship with Master Harold and the other Ascended Masters I look forward to getting to know better after your introductions…. especially El Moyra 😉 Much love to you and thank you for bringing us all back together.

Iktaly, Brisbane


a Spring Equinox re-balancing

Saturday, 23 Sept 2017, 10am – 1pm    $50

Gympie, QLD, Australia

Most of us would probably get our car serviced more than we get ourselves re-tuned and re-toned but we too need to regularly have our fluids (emotions) emptied and replenished, and all vital elements and programming checked and maintained.

This is the first week of Spring here in Australia, so how about a springclean of your physical vehicle’s energy systems on the exact day of the Equinox, a superb time to balance yourself?

In this workshop we will be cleaning out and letting go emotions, memories, energy patterns, pain, and disharmony. Then we will set ourselves up for the coming months ahead by installing new light and energies and mental matrices.

The Spring Equinox is a time of the year where balance and harmony are most evident, where the hours of daylight equal the hours of darkness, and this is an excellent day on which to perform these processes.

We have just four months remaining of Saturn in Sagittarius, which is preparation time for the next 3-Year Phase where Saturn will reign in his own sign of Capricorn (from Dec 20). Then there will be a huge focus in the world on work, strength, responsibility, resilience, and governance, with a big push from Saturn to be the most successful you can be.

This particular 3-Year Phase only occurs every 28 years—best be prepared for it by getting yourself tuned in and toned now!

Places are limited as I’ll be holding the workshop in my home, so bookings are essential. Please email me at sophia@earthwithspirit.com to book your place.

Morning tea is included in the cost of $50.



Tuesday, 9 May 2017, 10am-12 noon     $50

at The QuARTz Hub, 8 Mary St, Gympie (next to P.O.)

QLD, Australia

  • Ever wondered who you were in a past life?
  • Do you sometimes get glimpses of other lifetimes?
  • Why do you like certain places and foods and not others?
  • Would you love to explore some deeper parts of yourself?
  • Have you known your family or friends before?
  • Is there karma or reincarnation?

Sophia will take you on inner journeys to discover experiences stored in your unconscious and help you to connect with other lifetimes and soul mates.

There will also be exercises to open your memory and time for discussion and evaluation.

Book through The Hub:   0474 732 548



Noosa, QLD, Australia (Sat/Sun, April 1-2, 2017)

You will need to know your: date of birth

                                                 place of birth (nearest large town)

                                                time of birth (essential)

 Astrology helps us to truly understand ourselves and others. We begin to see our underlying motives for doing things and why we are like we are. We see the reason for our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weaknesses, and why we make the choices we do. Astrology can help us with relationships and with choosing the right career path for ourselves.

  • By the end of this workshop you should be able to read a basic birthchart for yourself and others
  • Introduction to birthcharts. We will use your own and that of a famous person.
  • Zodiac signs, planets, asteroids, houses, cusps, and elements
  • Special points: Rising Sign/Soul Sign, Midheaven, North Node of Destiny
  • Introduction to Aspects: conjunction, opposition, square, trine
  • Transits and how they cause events
  • Reading an Ephemeris
  • Games to assist with understanding

Workshop cost: $195     (2 days)

Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2nd, 9.30am – 4.30pm

At The Islander Resort, Noosaville, QLD, Australia

Please book workshop through:  sophia@earthwithspirit.com
or     email Sophia

If you require accommodation at the Islander Resort, please book through them at info@islandernoosa.com.au  or phone 617-5440-9200

*If you’d like to share accommodation (they have only 2 bedroom villas), please let Sophia know and she will try to get you together with another attendee.


WAY-FINDER Workshop by  Sophia Ovidne

5-day workshop

Discovering maps to a new you, a new life, a new world.
The Way-Finder helps you discover your inner star to guide you to your destiny. You will journey through your kingdom and other dimensions, navigating crossroads, roadblocks, and diversions, shining your lantern on paths old and new, and into the unknown. Not for the faint-hearted but for the adventurous, the curious, the bored, the stuck, for those who know there is something more to life than that currently experienced. This voyage will awaken you and take you beyond the horizon.
This 5-day residential workshop is a journey, from where you find yourself now to exploration in every direction, and ultimately to the star-point of your destination, drawing maps along the way to help you find your direction and guide you into your future.

The workshop includes:

  • Metaphysics training: dimensions, astral travelling, vibrational levels, psychic connection, spirit versus human, energy downloads, manifestation
  • Symbolism, messages, and how spirit speaks to us
  • NLP techniques including past life regression and future life progression
  • Hypnosis (if the group desires)
  • Guided meditations and Mindfulness techniques
  • Neuroscience 101
  • Reprogramming of the brain/consciousness for old beliefs, trauma, or fears
  • True healing, overcoming illness, and how our body really works
  • Astrological cycles affecting destiny
  • Games, exercises, creativity, music, map-making



This one day workshop is all about regaining your spirit, regaining peace of mind, and communicating with your own spirit.

I will be combining neuroscience, NLP, and hypnosis techniques with spiritual insights and information for an out-of-this-world transformational experience into a brighter you.

So, how about it? How would you like:
• to feel a huge bright flame burning inside your heart?
• to feel passionate again?
• to feel motivated once more?
• to feel on purpose?
• to know your mission and the next steps to take in that direction?
• to feel alive and pulsating?
• to feel safe?
• to feel guided?
• to feel trust?
• to understand who you really are?
• to understand your part in this universe?
• to feel wholeness?
• to feel serene and at peace?
• to feel happy?
to feel in love with yourself and all the world?

In this one day workshop “Regaining Your Spirit” we will cover various techniques to raise your joy and send you home with renewed hope and confidence and a brighter flame burning within.

Neuroscience 101
Brain maps and the conscious and unconscious minds. Includes the latest thinking on the Heart Brain.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques
Cutting edge techniques that can change deeply-rooted beliefs, fears, anxieties, and behaviours in minutes rather than in years with a psychotherapist.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Similar to guided meditation but allows direct contact with the unconscious mind and bypasses the troublesome and resistant conscious mind. Clinical Hypnosis (forget stage shows!) does not put you to sleep. Indeed, you are always consciously aware and in control of proceedings. You can never be hypnotised to do something against your values.

Understanding your spirit
In this workshop, “spirit” has a double meaning:
– spirit as in enthusiasm, motivation, and passion
– spirit as in the higher part of your consciousness, the invisible part of you that guides you through intuition, messages, and synchronicity

Transformation sessions
– Changing beliefs, values, negative thinking, behaviours that no longer serve you
– Discovering ways to transcend the old you and become a new, lighter, brighter you

Connecting with your spirit
– Aligning your lower and higher consciousnesses
– Setting up communication lines
– Receiving guidance, healing, and support

Date: TBA

Can’t make the workshop? I also offer phone/Skype counselling to help with any issues. A change of mind and change of heart can happen in just a few minutes!  $120 for 1 hour.