Meet the Ascended Masters


The Ascended Masters are spiritual beings who assist with the enlightenment and ascension of human beings. They have fulfilled their missions and raised their vibrations to such a high level as to become a being of light and love.

All Masters can be contacted in their spirit forms. Many Masters have chosen to manifest in human form as well as spirit at this point in time, and they work amongst us on Earth, but some choose to remain only in spirit form.

The Ascended Masters include such illuminaries as Jesus, Buddha, St. Francis of Assisi (Kuthumi), Mother Mary, Francis Bacon (St.Germain), Sir Thomas More (El Morya), Krishna (Maitreya), Confucius, St. Jerome, St. Dominic, but also many lesser known persons.

Each Ascended Master’s name below contains a link to more information.


(aliases/past incarnations: Gautama Siddharta)

Djwhal Khul
(aliases/past incarnations: D.K.; The Tibetan Master; Master of Wisdom)

(aliases/past incarnations: St. Dominic (Dominic de Guzman); Santo Domingo de la Calzada; Master of Faith and Trust; Leonardo da Vinci, General Lafayette)

El Morya
(aliases/past incarnations: Lord [Chohan] of the First Ray of Power and the Will of God; Abraham; The Roman poet, Ovid; Thomas Becket; Sir Thomas More; Emperor Akbar the Great; The Irish poet, Thomas Moore; The Tibetan Mahatma, Morya Khan)

Great Divine Director
(aliases/past incarnations: The Manu; Master Rakoczy; Master ‘R’)

(aliases/past incarnations: Solar Logos; The Sun God)

(aliases/past incarnations: Lord [Chohan] of the 5th Ray of Science, Healing and the Truth; Paul the Apostle; St. Hilarion)

((aliases/past incarnations: Jesus Christ; J├ęsu; Jeshua; Sananda; Abel; King David; World Teacher)

(aliases/past incarnations: K.H.; Lord [Chohan] of the Ray of Love/Wisdom; St.Francis of Assisi; Pharaoh Thutmose III; Shah Jahan; Pythagoras; World Teacher; Tibetan Mahatma; Koot Hoomi Lal Singh)

Lord Lanto
(aliases/past incarnations: Lord [Chohan] of Wisdom and Illumination; The Yellow Emperor)

Lady Lotus
(aliases/past incarnations: Edna Ballard; Joan of Arc; Queen Elizabeth I; Benjamin Franklin)

Maha Chohan
(aliases/past incarnations: The Holy Ghost/Spirit; The Greek poet, Homer)

Lord Maitreya
(aliases/past incarnations: The Christ; Krishna)

Mother Mary
(aliases/past incarnations: Maria; Lady Master of Comfort and Nurturing; The Immaculate Conception; Mother of Jesus)

Lady Nada
(aliases/past incarnations: Lady Master [Chohan] of the 6th Ray of Service and Peace)

(aliases/past incarnations: Poseidon; Lord of the Oceans; Lord of Spirituality)

Pallas Athena
(aliases/past incarnations: Goddess of war, wisdom, arts and crafts, industry; Lady Master of Wisdom and Truth; Minerva)

Paul the Venetian
(aliases/past incarnations: Lord [Chohan] of the Ray of Creativity and Beauty; Paolo Veronese)

Quan Yin
(aliases/past incarnations: Kuan Yin; Qwan Yin; Goddess of Mercy and Forgiveness)

Sanat Kumara
(aliases/past incarnations: Ancient of Days; Logos of planet Earth; Viracocha; Quetzalcoatl)

Lady Sedna
(aliases/past incarnations: Logos of planet Sedna)

Serapis Bey
(aliases/past incarnations: Lord [Chohan] of the Ray of Purity, Transmutation and Ascension; Leonidas, King of Sparta; Pharaoh Amenhotep III)

St. Germain
(aliases/past incarnations: Lord [Chohan] of the 7th Ray of Alchemy; Hierarch of the Aquarian Age; The prophet Samuel; St. Joseph; St.Alban; Christopher Columbus; Francis Bacon; Comte de St.Germain)

(aliases/past incarnations: Goddess of Love and Beauty; Logos of planet Venus; The Morning and Evening Star)