Flower Essences

created by Sophia Ovidne, along with Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and Planets



If you’ve ever wanted to take a magic potion for a bad mood,
or a broken heart,
or a day that wasn’t working out too well…

Flower essences – for healing emotions and gaining guidance on your issues


Why are they now free?

In recent years, I’ve been working very much with consciousness, and understanding the healing and guidance that can be manifest when we work with the magic wand that is consciousness itself.

I’ve realised from my experiences and experiments that we don’t need all the pills and potions available to us in physicality—we can use merely the energies of these pills and potions simply by calling them into our consciousness.

With this in mind, I have decided to no longer sell my Stars of Heaven flower essences in physical potion form, and to make available all the information about them for free, along with a meditation (as audio or text) that helps you utilise the flower essence energy.

What are flower essences and what are they good for? Click here for more info.


The Meditation Process

  1. Go through the Summary Chart (see below) of all 46 Stars of Heaven flower essences to gain an idea of which may be most suitable for you.
  2. Then check out the Detailed Description of any you have chosen.
  3. Read or listen to the Meditation below to take in the energies of the flower into yourself, plus the energies of the associated Ascended Master, Goddess, or Planet.
  4. Keep a journal of how the essence has affected you.
  5. Do this meditation once a day for a few days, or as required.


How does this meditation work?

The essences remove emotional and mental blockages that prevent your energy from flowing freely. They will lighten you and enlighten you.

Everything in the world is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Solid objects are merely energy that vibrates slowly. TV and radio waves are examples of energy that vibrates rapidly, so fast in fact that they can’t be seen. Nevertheless we know they exist.

Flowers vibrate at even higher frequencies. It has been found that the high frequencies of certain flowers relate to specific emotions. The extremely high and pure vibrations of the Ascended Masters, Goddess, and Planets, are related to the rays and areas of speciality that each is attuned to and which they help to imbue in us. They harmonise the disharmonious emotion or energy within us, rather like adding an alkaline solution to an acid soil to obtain a neutral PH level.

Your consciousness will tap into the consciousness of the flower you have selected, and into the consciousness of the associated Ascended Master, Goddess, or Planet. They will share their healing vibrational energies with you, bringing you back into emotional, mental and physical balance and harmony, in a way that is for your highest good. In healing the emotions, the essences help to heal many of the physical illnesses that can result from out-of-balance emotions and energies.

The results may be instantaneous or may filter subtly through you over several days and in many diverse and sometimes surprising ways. Or it may be insights and enlightenment that you are seeking, and these too may be delivered in a manner you might not expect.

Often, the essences bring buried emotions or misguided attitudes to the fore, and you may temporarily feel even more emotional than previously. This is known as a ‘healing crisis’ and helps you to confront and deal with your issues. In this case, keep doing the meditation over several days and this will eventually calm and harmonise your emotions, mental state, and internal energies.

Sometimes it may appear as if nothing is working. Be assured the essences are working on the relevant emotions or mental attitudes in your subconscious. Often, it’s only when you reflect back on this period that you are able to see the effects the essences had on you. Following the meditation process as given and focusing on key emotional and mental issues, most people notice a discernible difference within the first week.

The more open your heart when you do this meditation, the more intense will be the results. However, you may be in a negative highly emotional state when you do the meditation and it’s difficult to have an open heart in this instance, so just try to open yourself to the healing and blessings that you so desire.


Click here for the Summary Chart and Detailed Descriptions of all 46 Flower Essences

Stars of Heaven Flower Essence descriptions


The Flower Essence Meditation (audio version is below) (5 mins)


Hi, this is Sophia Ovidne here, and this is a meditation to take in the energies of your chosen flower essence along with the energies of its associated Ascended Master or Goddess or Planet.


  1. First of all, ensure you won’t be distracted for the next 5 minutes or so.
  2. Get yourself comfortable. (PAUSE)


  1. Focus on the flower essence you have chosen. You might know it either by the name of the flower, or the name of the associated Ascended Master or Goddess or Planet.
  2. You may wish to picture or sense them before you now—the flower itself or the Ascended Master or Goddess or Planet. (PAUSE)


  1. Ask for the vibrational energies of this flower essence to be shared with you now.
  2. You may or may not feel these energies coming into you, depending on how sensitive you are to energies and how open you are.
  3. However, you WILL RECEIVE these energies, whether or not you feel them.

Cleansing vortex

  1. Now ask for your negative state to be cleansed from you.
  2. Visualise a vortex that whisks through your consciousness in a clockwise direction, taking with it all your undesired emotions, thoughts, and issues. (These are outlined in the detailed description for the essence.) (PAUSE)
  3. Allow the vortex to swirl through your mind a few times. (PAUSE)
  4. Now visualise the point of the vortex piercing the base of your consciousness and letting all the negativity drain out into the recycling bin of a Black Hole. (PAUSE)

Positive focus

  1. Now focus on the positive things you would like to feel or learn from this essence. (These may include the potential benefits of the essence in the detailed description.) (PAUSE)
  2. Picture yourself doing or being these positive things. (PAUSE)
  3. Feel the happiness, contentment, and fulfillment of yourself in the future. (PAUSE)
  4. Remain still for a minute or two, allowing the flower essence energies to settle deeper into you. (PAUSE)

Wrapping up the session

  1. Express your gratitude to the flower and its associated Ascended Master, Goddess, or Planet, for sharing their energies and assisting you today.
  2. Be aware and observant over the next few days and weeks as to how this essence is playing out for you and assisting you in your goal.
  3. I wish you many blessings and I thank you for taking the time to do this meditation.
    All my love, Sophia.


Audio Meditation (MP3 file) (5 mins)


Download Meditation – Flower Essence Meditation – 030221
(right click mouse, and save)



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