Book – The Celestial Crossroads

A spiritual quest for treasure : A novel by Paula Hartwood
(now Sophia Ovidne)


book-celestialLegend has it that Britain’s King Arthur will one day return and rediscover the Holy Grail which has lain hidden for centuries. So, when Marianne unearths cryptic clues that seem to point to the Grail’s whereabouts, she’s intrigued by the mysterious Dominic who is so adept at solving the clues, and who seems to know so much about Arthur.

Together they follow the strange Treasure Trail, their quest for clues taking them along an ancient pilgrim route through the heart of the English countryside and to Britain’s foremost historical and sacred sites.

However, Marianne finds more than she imagined as her increasingly fascinating guide beguiles her with tales of his past lives back to the time of Jesus Christ, relates to her the laws of metaphysics, encourages her to listen to the whisperings of her soul and teaches her there is no such thing as coincidence. Through his soul-searching lessons, she learns how to change her life. But it is only when she begins to love that Marianne truly understands the wisdom of her mystical mentor and finally finds the treasure she has been seeking.

Price: $29.95