Book – The Great Shift

Mankind’s journey into the 5th Dimension and what is in store for us in coming years

SORRY – OUT OF PRINT, but this has been superseded by THE TRAINING MANUAL FOR GODS series, published in 2023)


book-greatshift-zWe are presently in a time of great change. But it is merely a prelude for an even greater time of change. Planet Earth and the people of Earth are changing, preparing to shift into a new and higher dimension. We will be less dense and consist of more light particles. We will be Beings of Light.

We are in the final stages, with the climax due to happen in the next 5-10 years.

The Ascended Masters, with whom Ovidne works closely, have called this time The Great Shift. They also refer to it as The Bright New Day and The New Dawn. It is the ascension of the planet and the ascension of humankind into the 5th dimension where the Ascended Masters currently dwell. It will be a time of great light, of great peace and love. It will be the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius” as the song put it.

Most of us are feeling this shift in frequencies in one way or another. Some of us are conscious of what is happening, some of us are not. It is wreaking havoc for many who have not kept in line with evolution’s call and prepared themselves to receive more light and higher vibrations.

The Great Shift describes what is currently happening to us, points out symptoms and causes, and helps us to understand what we need to do to adjust our bodies, emotions and thinking in line with the new vibrations.

Although The Great Shift has been planned for millennia, it started to have a direct physical effect on mankind from 17th August 1987 when the first Harmonic Convergence took place. The events that have occurred since then are explained in this book, including the return of the Christ, the first “Day of Judgement”, and the coming to Earth of several Ascended Masters as walk-ins.

Through direct channellings from the Ascended Masters, Ovidne describes to us in The Great Shift what is likely to take place as we transition into the next dimension, and even what it may be like living as a Being of Light in the new Age.

Spiral-bound, A4 size, 76 pages
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