Freedom Song by Master St.Germain

All around are chains and pain,
Little in this world to gain,
That is so until such time
You appreciate the Divine.

Clanking around in heavy shoes,
This is the very life you choose,
Swap them for some sandals of Light
Then you will know your heart’s delight.

You may stay or go afar,
Your strings will tug wherever you are,
So take some scissors and cut the ties
And see for once with seeing eyes.

Come the rain, the hail, the snow
You will laugh for you will know
What it is to feel so free
And fly towards your destiny.

Some will come and some will go,
Loving all, forgiving woe,
And as you feel your heart set free
You’ll say to God, “I come to Thee”.

Over rocky hill and mount
You will your many blessings count,
“I’m coming home,” you’ll cry in glee,
“For now I know that I am free”.

Channelled by Sophia Ovidne

29 November 2003