Meditation CD’s

These CDs each contain a channelled message from an Ascended Master and several guided meditations spoken by Ovidne, with background flute and Celtic music by Terry Oldfield.

CD #1: En-JOY-ment (38 mins)click here for audio excerpt

cd-enjoyment-zTo bring joy, love and light into your heart, soul and mind. The first meditation will connect you with Heaven and the second will help you to get in touch with the Earth.

  • Message from Master Jesus – A Magic Carpet Ride
  • Meditation 1 – Creating your garden, and a balloon ride with a Master, flying into the Sun, and then going to your dream place.
  • Meditation 2 – Playing with the elementals in the woods and the dolphins in the river.
  • Meeting a Master and receiving a gift.

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CD #2: En-LIGHT-enment (47 mins)click here for audio excerpt

cd-enlightenment-zHelping you to achieve insights about yourself and your purpose for being here on Earth.

  • Message from Master Vywamus – Lessons in Wisdom
  • Meditation 1 – Your garden – The Present. Helps you to gain insights about the state of your life at present.
  • Meditation 2 – Your Inner Child – The Past. Into the depths of the ocean to Atlantis you take a journey to visit your Inner Self, or Inner Child, to reveal hidden fears and resistance within you and perhaps some past life information.

4. Meditation 3 – Your Higher Self – The Future. Up to a tree house for advice from Higher Self and a Master for your future path and growth. Receive gifts from them.

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CD #3: En-COURAGE-ment (43 mins)click here for audio excerpt

cd-encouragement-zIncludes affirmations and a guided meditation which focus on encouraging you to be all that you can be, helping you to find your personal power, and the courage you need to take action to change your life so that it shines with love and beauty.

  • Message from Master El Morya – Self-worth
  • Affirmations – designed for encouragement and self-worth
  • Meditation – Creating your dreams. Create your dream environment, dream home, and dream career/life. Journey with a Master on horseback and be shown your mission in life and receive a gift.

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