Meditation – Letting go through the FIRE element

This series of free meditations is based on the four elements and is designed to assist with letting go any disturbing emotions, thoughts, beliefs, physical pain, or spiritual resistance to your rightful destiny.

It will take you on a journey in consciousness through all four of the elements; water, earth, air, and fire. The meditations take you through each element separately.

I’m going to guide you through several different scenarios and it’s going to be quite action-orientated, so go with it, don’t ponder, and don’t analyse, or you will break the flow.

I’m also going to be asking you within the meditations to kind of ‘die’ to your old self. So, first and foremost, you will need to remember that your consciousness can never truly die, and when I ask you to let go, or even to die or disintegrate or dissolve, all you are doing is dissolving or disintegrating old parts, old segments, of your consciousness, not your whole self, and certainly not your physical body. So, I don’t want you to be afraid at all that you are going to physically die. You are just killing off old brain cells, old consciousness that needs to be let go.

This will leave you feeling purified and clear, with new space created in your consciousness for better and more positive thoughts and emotions, and more energy, motivation, and love for pursuing your life and desires.

Visual aids

Before you begin the meditation, you may want to gather some props that might assist you with setting the mood for whichever element you are dealing with. For instance, you may wish to gaze at a picture that represents the element you are about to meditate with. But if your imagination is well-developed, these props are not necessary.

Water: pictures with blue tones or water scenes.

Earth: pictures with green or brown tones or scenes of countryside.

Air: pictures with scenes of sky, clouds, birds, winged insects, angels, stars.

Fire: pictures with red, orange, and yellow tones. A lighted candle.


LETTING GO Meditation through the element of FIRE (5 mins)

Audio Meditation (MP3 file) (5 mins)


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The transcript of this meditation follows below:

LETTING GO Meditation through the element of FIRE (5 mins)

Hi, this is Sophia Ovidne, and I am going to guide you through a meditation for letting go through the element of fire.

The element of fire represents life force, passion, spirit, positivity, courage, resilience, and faith. You will benefit from this meditation if you are lacking in any of these at present.

The meditation should leave you feeling reinvigorated, more energetic, with an increased enthusiasm for life, and feeling braver to face whatever is in front of you. It will also help you to trust in the support of the Masters, gods, and angels for your journey through life.

So, leave all your troubles behind for a few minutes and get nice and relaxed and comfortable, and breathe deeply for a few moments.

I would like you to find yourself within a sacred circle, and the sacred circle consists of many gods and Masters and angels and beautiful spirit beings. In the middle of the sacred circle is a huge bonfire. You are walking around the bonfire now, inside the circle of beings.

You begin to pull out of your consciousness all the old thoughts and beliefs and emotions and pain that are keeping you from reaching your full potential and stopping you from being joyful and excited and loving life. Throw all these old segments of your consciousness into the big bonfire and watch them burn up until they are just ashes. (PAUSE)

Now ask the beautiful beings standing around you in the circle, to help you remove any parts of your consciousness that are holding you back from being the very best that you can be.

Feel the magnificent and powerful energies of these beings around you, and allow their radiance to fill your own being. And as the beings remove all the negative energies within you, you feel yourself becoming lighter and brighter, as if a star or sun is growing inside you. You can feel the rays filling your heart.

All your old human ways and old human ego are being burned away and the real and beautiful spirit you is being revealed, the diamond that you truly are. See yourself as this diamond now. You are becoming a higher consciousness now. You feel totally cleansed and purged of all darkness and despair. You have a lightness of being now. You begin to radiate your light out to all around you.

Try to stay in this state for a few minutes to glean any messages that may be coming to you from higher parts of your consciousness.

I will leave you now with light and love, and you will come back in your own time when you are ready.