Meditation – Letting go through the WATER element

This series of free meditations is based on the four elements and is designed to assist with letting go any disturbing emotions, thoughts, beliefs, physical pain, or spiritual resistance to your rightful destiny.

It will take you on a journey in consciousness through all four of the elements; water, earth, air, and fire. The meditations take you through each element separately.

I’m going to guide you through several different scenarios and it’s going to be quite action-orientated, so go with it, don’t ponder, and don’t analyse, or you will break the flow.

I’m also going to be asking you within the meditations to kind of ‘die’ to your old self. So, first and foremost, you will need to remember that your consciousness can never truly die, and when I ask you to let go, or even to die or disintegrate or dissolve, all you are doing is dissolving or disintegrating old parts, old segments, of your consciousness, not your whole self, and certainly not your physical body. So, I don’t want you to be afraid at all that you are going to physically die. You are just killing off old brain cells, old consciousness that needs to be let go.
This will leave you feeling purified and clear, with new space created in your consciousness for better and more positive thoughts and emotions, and more energy, motivation, and love for pursuing your life and desires.

Visual aids
Before you begin the meditation, you may want to gather some props that might assist you with setting the mood for whichever element you are dealing with. For instance, you may wish to gaze at a picture that represents the element you are about to meditate with. But if your imagination is well-developed, these props are not necessary.

Water: pictures with blue tones or water scenes.
Earth: pictures with green or brown tones or scenes of countryside.
Air: pictures with scenes of sky, clouds, birds, winged insects, stars.
Fire: pictures with red, orange, and yellow tones. A lighted candle.


LETTING GO Meditation through the element of WATER (8 mins)

Audio Meditation (MP3 file) (8 mins)


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(Below is the transcript for this meditation).

Hi, this is Sophia Ovidne, and I am going to guide you through a meditation for letting go through the element of water.

The element of water represents your emotional state, so here you will be letting go all your emotions that are causing you problems and pain, emotions such as sadness, grief, anger, frustration, fear, guilt, shame, self-pity, revenge, blame, lust, unworthiness, impatience, arrogance, addiction, non-forgiveness, insecurity, anxiety, judgement, hostility, or depression.

The meditation should leave you feeling calmer, more balanced and harmonious, and more able to find love and strength in your heart.

So, leave all your troubles behind for a few minutes and get nice and relaxed and comfortable, and breathe deeply for a few moments.

And I want you to imagine yourself at your favourite beach, down by the ocean, anywhere in the world. And I want you to wade into the water. It’s a lovely warm day and the water is a lovely temperature. And I want you to wade far out and then to dive in. Don’t worry, you won’t drown. You can breathe perfectly okay underneath the water. Your consciousness can go anywhere it wants to go.

You’re going to dive deep, and so, feel yourself now diving effortlessly through the beautiful waters, looking around at all the fish, maybe some pretty coral, and the sunlight playing through the water.

And as you dive, I want you to open your heart, open your mind, and open all the cells of your body so that the water can flow through every part of you. Allow the water to cleanse and scour you as you dive down.

And I want you to dive down to the ocean floor. It might be quite sandy, or you might be going very deep down into the black, dark waters. Don’t be fearful. Just allow yourself to go wherever your consciousness is taking you.

And you will see some anchors embedded there on the ocean floor, and these anchors are attached to you by chains. And I want you to yank out those anchors now, and slide off any chains from yourself. Let go all that is old that has kept you stuck, all that has limited you from flying upwards. Let it all go now. Hoick up those anchors and let go of those chains.

And feel all your old emotions, all your past, all the thinking that no longer serves you, feel it all floating off into the current now. Feel yourself being cleansed and purified, and all the emotional pain leaving you. (PAUSE)

Let it all go. Let all those old emotions and thoughts go. You find yourself now much lighter, floating on the current.

And you’re seeing in front of you now, that there’s a set of double doors under the water. I want you to swim up to those doors and then through them, and find yourself in a scene from your past. Look around you as you swim past and see who you were and what you stood for.

But this is no longer you, so say ‘thank you’ to everything that has made you ‘you’, and love and forgive everything that you have been, and swim on past, forgiving everything with love that didn’t work out so well, and letting it all drift behind you.

And as you float now in those beautiful waters, allow yourself to dissolve, every part of you. Become one with the water. (PAUSE)

Try to stay in this state for a few minutes to glean any messages that may be coming to you from higher parts of your consciousness.

I will leave you now with light and love, and you will come back in your own time when you are ready.