Meditation – Opening the heart and breathing easier

This 12.5 minute meditation is designed to help open your heart physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and to assist you to breathe more easily once you have let go of any blockages and issues that may have been troubling you. At the end, you should feel stronger, refreshed, clearer, and calmer.


Meditation for Opening the Heart and Breathing Easier(12.5 mins)

Audio Meditation (MP3 file) (12.5 mins)


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(Below is the transcript for this meditation).

This is a Meditation by Sophia Ovidne for opening the heart. So, get yourself really comfortable and close your eyes, and imagine yourself walking down a woodland path—beautiful trees and flowers all around you, and it’s a clear, warm, sunny day with just a slight breeze. It feels very refreshing. So, take some deep breaths now to get this warm, clear air into you.

As you walk along the woodland path, you come to a circular pool that’s about 20 metres across. And the waters seem very transparent and a beautiful turquoise blue, and they look very deep and it looks very inviting to go in there.

Around the pool are rock walls and trees, and this place feels very safe and very comfortable. There are some stone steps that lead down into the water.

And so you undress and you walk down those stone steps into the beautiful warm water. It’s very comfortable like a bath. And you sit down on one of the big stone steps that’s under the water so that your whole body is in the water, but your head is still above the water, just like taking a bath.

You allow the warm water to gently caress your body, cleansing your skin, purifying you. You allow all your worries and anxieties and health issues to seep out of the pores of your skin and your body and into these beautiful turquoise waters. And you let all your issues dissolve there and sink to the bottom of the pool.

And now you allow the cleansing waters to gently flow through your arteries and veins, dislodging any blockages there. You feel the warm waters flowing through your entire body, taking away all the impurities and opening up all your channels. You feel the energies as they make your body zing all over.

Now allow the gentle, healing waters to flow through the arteries and veins of your heart and to dissolve any build up of cholesterol or other substances that are blocking the flow. The waters move gently through your heart to dissolve any blockages there.

And allow any past thoughts of suppression, or of being confined, or not valued enough, to slip into the waters around you and dissolve there.

Visualise your heart now opening up through all its arteries and veins, and easily taking in the flow of warm waters and pumping them around the body and pumping them out again. Your heart is strong and pumping easily. Feel your heart now expanding and contracting easily, and your lungs are now breathing deeply in and out without any restriction. Feel your entire body now tingling with all the refreshing waters and energies flowing through it, cleansing and purifying every cell and every blood vessel and every organ of your body.

Now gently pull yourself down into the water a little more, until your head is under the water for a few brief moments. Allow the waters to cleanse your head, your brain, your face, your eyes, your ears, your nose, your sinuses, your mouth, and your throat. Feel all the impurities and blockages being drawn out into the warm waters to be dissolved there. Bring your head up out of the water as soon as you feel the need to do so.

Now allow yourself to float on the surface of these warm waters, feeling the sun shining on your body and bringing energy into you. Let any health issues just float out of you into the waters, and dissolve there and fall to the bottom of the deep pool. Let go of all the emotional and mental issues that may still be troubling you. Let them dissolve into the waters now.

Stay floating like this for several minutes, feeling the calm and serenity within your body, in your mind, and within your heart. (PAUSE)

Now take a few deep breaths and notice how easily you are breathing now and how refreshed you are feeling. Come out of the pool and up the steps, and slowly get dressed again.

And thank the pool waters for the wonderful healing energies they have given you. And walk back down the woodland path that you came along in the beginning, noticing the beauty around you and feeling joy and harmony that you can feel so good and so refreshed and so open.

And when you are ready come back slowly and gently to your earthly reality, and give thanks to this beautiful, healing journey you have experienced.

Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself, and notice again how easily you are breathing and how strong you feel now.