Prayer for the Will of God by Master El Morya

Come, O Will of God
Guide my heart, my head, my hand
Give me the power
To be who I really am.

Dear God, Your Will means everything to me
It is my lifeblood and my life direction
Guide me to do your calling
That we may meet in the Presence of Your Light.

Divine Will, be the reason for my being
Comfort me when the road is long and hard
That I am making the journey back to my Lord
In the knowing that I am doing His Work.

Give me the power to fulfill my potential
Let not my strengths sit idle under the tree
Let not the mists of illusion cloud my path
But let me shine in the fullness of the energy of my stars.

Let me resonate with Your Word
And let Your Song fill my ears and cause my heart to sing
For your wisdom and your love
Will be my companions even in my darkest hours.

My Lord, play my heartstrings
Like the angels on their harps
And may my sphere be filled with music
That you rejoice to hear.

May the power you have blessed me with, light up the world.

Channelled by Sophia Ovidne

15 November 2001