Prayer for Wisdom by Master Djwhal Khul

Let my eyes see as God sees
The visions yet to come
The glory that abounds
In each and every one.

Let my ears hear as God hears
The melody of the spheres
The notes of perfect harmony
Sweet music to my ears.

Let my lips speak as God speaks
The words of sacred sound
On wisdom of the ages
Let me base my life around.

I pray for God’s great wisdom
To enter in my mind
And thence to spread around my world
The insights that I find.

My Lord, Your Mind is pure and great
And mine a little dense
Come to me and work with me
To help it all make sense.

I pray for love and light and rays
I pray for wisdom, too
I pray for guidance every day
That I may be like you.

Let wisdom be for young and old
For those of open heart
For closing minds to God’s great Laws
Leads lives to fall apart.

Let the wisdom of the ages
Be the base on which I stand
But let the wisdom of the present
Be the flag for which I stand.

Every day in every way
I ask for truth to speak
For lies and sin are not a part
Of heroes, but the weak.

Wisdom is as wisdom does
Let me care for what I do
For every thought and deed and word
Needs love and power, too.

Channelled by Sophia Ovidne

 19 November 2001