TRAINING MANUAL FOR GODS, BOOK 1 – Consciousness and the Unseen Universe

Chiron is an ancient Ascended Master, a god who resides in the unseen higher dimensions, who has channelled his profound metaphysical wisdom about the universe to Sophia Ovidne in this book, the first in the series, Training Manual for Gods.

Chiron says, “I am giving you the universe here, embroidering all the details for you. And within this you will come to understand what your consciousness is and does. There are many secrets within these pages, mysteries that you have always wondered about, and here you will find the answers.

What is your purpose here on Earth? And where will you go to when you leave this planet? How will you evolve from a human into one of the gods who inhabit the higher dimensions? What will your journey be like, and how can you know how to plan for it and live within your rightful mission?

The magic of metaphysics is explained between these covers. You will not be the same person by the time you finish this book than when you started it. So be prepared for growth and spiritual illumination. You are going to gain your wings and fly up into the heavenly dimensions. This is a book for living and loving. You cannot be but transformed by it.”

In Consciousness and the Unseen Universe, Chiron describes, with his wonderful wit and imagery, the metaphysics of our universe, and what consciousness really is and how it operates across the various vibrational dimensions that house the continuum of who we really are as our human self, spirit, soul, and god self.

Consciousness contains a magnificent toolbox we can use to interact with the unseen universe, tools which act like magic wands to create the life we really desire. Chiron introduces these tools of consciousness, and also describes the invisible worlds that lie beyond our physical brain, in the realms of higher consciousness, and how to connect and communicate with these worlds.

Chiron explains how we can change our consciousness and our present world, and answers many of our metaphysical questions about gods, angels, souls, the spirit world, the spiritual path, the evolution of humans and souls, godhood, death, the afterlife, past lives, emotional and mental issues, relationships, the ego and power, manifestation techniques, healing energies, identifying our true mission and keeping on track, astral travel, UFOs, ghosts, ascension, the Underworld, the cosmos, and signs.

In these current times, the mission of the gods is to make the unknown known; to make their presence known to humans, to help humans prepare to become gods themselves, and prepare for the coming ‘Final Shift’ of the Earth into a higher dimension.

We humans are being trained by the invisible gods to become just like them so that we may all live harmoniously together in a new god society.  We are also preparing for the coming imminent end times where we are facing the final years of our existing Earth and the old ways of humankind. Human consciousnesses will split into two separate dimensions, creating a First Earth for those who have chosen to remain as non-god humans, and a Second Earth for those who have done the work to transform themselves from humans into gods.


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