TRAINING MANUAL FOR GODS, BOOK 2 – Arrival of the Gods

Chiron is an ancient Ascended Master, a god who resides in the unseen higher dimensions, who has channelled his profound metaphysical wisdom about the universe to Sophia Ovidne in this book, the second in the series, Training Manual for Gods.

Chiron says, “This book describes the pinnacle of my work with humans at this time. I am helping them to transform themselves into gods. This work has been going on for centuries, but now we come to the pointy end of my mission, and it is time for humans to choose their final destination.

Will it be to stay on Earth, or to evolve as a god and make for the higher dimensions?

We are sending phalanxes of gods down to Earth to help you. And then we will see the Earth split into two, each part going its own way, one part for gods and one part for non-gods.

You are the decider of your fate. Read this book so that you understand the consequences.”


Our human consciousness is undergoing massive transformation, and all our perceptions of our current world will alter likewise. We are arriving in a new dimension of consciousness and reality, which Chiron terms Second Earth. It is a higher vibrational planet that mirrors our present First Earth, where we will still inhabit our physical forms but where we are learning how to let go of our humanness and ultimately become gods. Chiron describes the events that are moving human consciousness into this new dimension where all will live with god consciousness.

Not all humans will make it there. The two Earth dimensions are currently moving away from one another, culminating in a Final Shift that will split them permanently. How will this Final Shift come about, and how can we humans prepare for it? What will happen to those who don’t arrive on Second Earth and who choose to stay on First Earth?

Divine gods will arrive on Second Earth too, coming down from higher dimensions. They will guide and teach humans-turned-gods how to build a new god society. What will it be like to live on Second Earth, having arrived as a human-turned-god or a divine god? This new world operates with the laws of quantum physics rather than classical physics, so what will we be experiencing?

Many humans will arrive on Second Earth with little understanding of what has occurred for them and around them. Chiron explains how to prepare for the transition of their human consciousness in the final years before the Final Shift, and what faces them in the preliminary phase upon their arrival on the higher dimensional Second Earth.

Second Earth is a true school for gods, and all will learn about their spirit, soul, Light Body, astral travel, manifestation, the new concept of no time, and all the other strange constructs of living in a higher dimension.


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