TRAINING MANUAL FOR GODS, BOOK 3 – Ingenuity of the Gods

Chiron is an ancient Ascended Master, a god who resides in the unseen higher dimensions, who has channelled to Sophia Ovidne his profound metaphysical wisdom about the universe and the future for humankind in this book, the third in the series, Training Manual for Gods.

Chiron says, “We are building a new god society upon the new Earth. If you are interested in this book, then you have already transformed into a god yourself, or have the makings of a god.

What will happen to this planet after it has split in two, and we gods go off on Second Earth to make a new god world for ourselves?

This is the story of how we are going to go about building that new world and how we are going to act as gods within this new god society. This book is the blueprint for our future.

We are starting NOW to train our population of gods in this new way of being and living and loving.

If you want to know your future, then open these pages.”

Chiron builds upon the foundational knowledge presented in his previous two books in the series, but here he focuses on training those humans who have already become gods on Earth, or those well down the path to becoming one. He describes how new human-gods will need to operate in the fledgling all-god society that will be built on the new world of Second Earth. How will they need to manage the transition from old world to new, and what choices will they have to make when faced with the incidents that will lead to the Final Shift which will separate the dimensions of old Earth and new Earth?

Chiron will help the new gods to develop their superpowers and godcraft, learning the ways of gods, and how they will need to act on Earth as they apply their god skills to the issues facing not only themselves but the entire planet, especially in the times immediately before and after the Final Shift.

We are asked to consider how we would visualise a new god society on Earth, and then how we would bring it about, using our potent manifestation abilities as gods. This new human-god civilisation will be the work of ingenious minds over many years. Acolytes and ancient Masters will come together to build this new world, not only structurally, but with new kinds of governance, systems, organisations, functions, and technology, all bound within the dimensions of quantum physics, and founded upon the tenets of love, respect, and consideration.

Chiron reveals to us many facets of our new future, and the wonderful strangeness of the unknown and unseen universe that will become our new home, but a home of peace and harmony, and a new, thrilling way of being, living, and loving.


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